1:1 Technology

1:1 Technology

Eastland-Fairfield will be introducing 1:1 technology to its learning environment beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Each student will now have access to a Google Chromebook, which will be used as a required daily item for learning. To help answers questions that you may have, please see the FAQs we have developed, below.

EFCTS Technology 1:1 Chromebook Device Agreement

Click here for a printable version of the device agreement. 

Students will not be able to receive their device until the Chromebook Device Agreement has been signed and submitted online or a printed copy has been signed and returned to their building administrators. 

We encourage students and families to review the Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Parent Signoff (AUP) agreement before using EFCTS devices or networks.

Parent/Student Frequently Asked Questions

Can my student use their personal laptop instead of the Eastland-Fairfield issued device?
No, they may not use a personal device in lieu of the EFCTS device due to filtering, security, and network connectivity concerns. There is no opt-out option. If you do not want a student-assigned Chromebook then the student will have to sign out a loaner device each day, if one is available.

What happens if my child forgets their device at home?
The Chromebook is considered an essential daily school supply. It is each student's responsibility to come prepared to school with all essential school supplies, including their EFCTS-issued Chromebook. Loaner devices will not be provided to any student that comes to school unprepared. The parent/guardian may bring the device to their student at school, but the student cannot leave campus once they have arrived. Any missed work as a result of a forgotten device will need to be made up.

Can a student leave school to retrieve their device from home, if they forget it?
Per Eastland-Fairfield policy, a student may not leave campus and return. However, a parent/guardian may bring their device to the school.

What is the process to get a loaner Chromebook?
The Media Center at each campus will help students that are in need of a loaner device, if one is available. Please have your student go to their career center's Media Center and speak with the Media Center specialist to begin that process.

Can I decorate my Chromebook?
Yes, you may decorate or personalize your device. However, please observe the following:
  • Any decorations, stickers, etc. must be school appropriate and not violate the student handbook.
  • The EFCTS ID sticker must be visible at all times and identifiable.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to not cover the air filter of your device so performance is not impacted.

If my device becomes faulty or needs repair, who do I contact?
If your device needs attention or you need tech support, please email your issue to [email protected]. A help ticket will automatically be created and receive attention as soon as possible. Be sure to inform your instructor, as well.

What if my student is blocked from a website that is being used for school-related purposes?
If this happens, there will be a "Report this site" button on the screen that is blocking them. We encourage students to report it by clicking on this button and citing the reasons why they need access to this site. Our IT team will then investigate and determine whether to grant access. Your student may also work through their lab instructor to make a request.

What happens if my child’s Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged?
The student must report the lost, stolen or damaged device to their lab instructor to begin the loaner process. Additional investigation may result to determine the cause of any lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

Can they bring their Chromebook home with them?
Yes, if when you signed or completed your Device Agreement you selected OPTION 1 (for use at school and home). 

Will EFCTS provide additional software or accessories that my child may need?
If the additional software or accessories are a part of an approved IEP or 504 plan, yes, EFCTS will work with the student's district of residence to fulfill the requirements of the student's IEP or 504 plan. 

Are satellite students included in this 1:1 Technology plan?
Satellite students are not automatically assigned a Google Chromebook through the EFCTS 1:1 Technology Plan. If your student is not provided a device through their home school or the school they are taking academic classes through, Eastland-Fairfield will be as accommodating as possible. Please work through your student's lab instructor to begin the process of making those accommodations.

What will my student do with their device during the summer?
Juniors may choose to leave their device at EFCTS, if they choose. They may also choose to take their device with them during the summer; however, students are then responsible for the device's condition upon return. If a student decides to withdraw, arrangements will need to be made to return the device.

What happens to the device when my student graduates?
When your student successfully completes their EFCTS program, they are welcome to keep their issued Chromebook. There is no cost associated with this as it is part of the two-year device cycle.

What if my student decides to withdraw from EFCTS during the year or between school years?
Your student's device will need to be returned to Eastland-Fairfield. This will be part of the general withdrawal process.

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