Satellite Program at Gahanna Lincoln High School

If math and science are your favorite subjects, Bioscience is the program for you. With its unique focus on the uses for science, Bioscience explores a variety of fields including agriculture, medicine, forensics, genetics, food science, and others.
Students in this program gain intense experience in a state-of-the-art clinical facility performing various experiments as part of the research-based curriculum. Students also study and practice proper lab data reporting techniques.

Plan your experiment method.
Careers in this field require education beyond high school. To learn more about college credits at Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools, please visit our college credit web page.

Analyze and discuss your results.
If you have dreams of becoming a scientist, engineer, or medical professional, get started in the Bioscience program located in the state-of-the-art laboratory in Clark Hall of Gahanna Lincoln High School. Areas of study include:
  • molecular biology
  • microbiology
  • plant technology
  • career exploration
  • cloning
  • data reporting & presentation
  • environmental engineering
  • experiment design

Areas of study include: 

  • Principles and Practices of Biomedical Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Genetics of Disease
  • Biotechnology of Health and Disease 

Career Pathways

Turn your love for science into a lucrative career with careers in: 
  • bioengineering
  • cancer research
  • environmental engineering
  • medical research
  • microbiologist
  • pharmacy
  • physician
  • quality assurance


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Students in this program will adhere to Gahanna Lincoln High School's dress code, will work with the instructor to purchase a lab coat, and follow the program's dress expectations, per the instructor. Students may also purchase EFCTS spirit wear from the uniform shop.

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