College Credit

College Credit

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools provides you with more than state-of-the-art technical training and high school credit. 
Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools is dedicated to preparing students for a successful transition to college. Partnerships have been created with several colleges/universities and the Ohio Department of Higher Education to give students a head start on earning college credits while still in high school, saving both time and money.
The college credits available through the Career Technical programs fall into three categories: 
  1. Articulated Credits
  2. College Credit Plus credits
  3. Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2
 The type you earn depends on your qualifications.

Articulated Credits

Articulated Credits are granted to eligible students in a career technical program based on an agreement between EFCTS and a 2-or 4-year college/university. Students must attend the college/university awarding the credit and complete one course at that school to have articulation credits added to the college transcript. For details on what college/universities EFCTS has an agreement with, check out the specific program in which you are interested. Articulated Credits are a great place to start your path to the future by saving you time and money!

Process and Awarding of Credits
  •  apply and be accepted to the college/university awarding the credit within the timeline outlined in the agreement;
  •  earn a qualifying grade in the articulated course, determined by the college/university; each college/university may require additional criteria;
  •  obtain the Recommendation for Articulation Credit form available in the ECC/FCC guidance office or the program instructor at Satellite locations;
  • complete and submit the Recommendation for Articulation Credit form and any other required documentation to the college/university
  • earn at least one hour of college credit at that school
NOTE: Articulated credits are the responsibility of the student to pursue. Awarding of credits is at the discretion of the college/university.

College Credit Plus (CCP) - Academic Credits

CCP credits enable qualified students the opportunity to earn academic college credits and high school credits at the same time. EFCTS currently has agreements with Central Ohio Technical College and Hocking College. Students who successfully complete CCP courses will graduate from high school with a college transcript and credits that can transfer to many other colleges and universities. Classes are taught at ECC or FCC (unless denoted) by EFCTS college-credentialed academic teachers.

Academic credits available to students include:
ENGL 1510, English Composition I - 4 credit hours ^
ENGL 2123, English Composition II - 3 credit hours ^
MATH 130, Statistics - 3 credit hours #
MATH 150, Pre-Calculus - 5 credit hours #
MATH 200, Calculus  5 credit hours #
BIOS 1113, Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 credit hours ^
BIOS 1114, Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 credit hours ^ (available at FCC, only)

^  available through Hocking College
#  available through COTC

Process and Awarding of Credits
  • obtain qualifying Accuplacer score, or qualifying ACT/SAT score;
  • complete college application and be accepted by COTC/Hocking College;
  • earn a grade of a C or higher in the college academic course; and
  • contact the college awarding the credits to obtain a transcript.

College Credit Plus (CCP) - Technical Credits

EFCTS has partnered with Central Ohio Technical College, Columbus State Community College, Hocking College, and Southern State Community College to award both high school and college credit to eligible students in a career-technical program. The agreement provides students the opportunity to earn technical college credits for skills they will learn. A transcript will be issued by the college with the awarded credits that can be transferred to any college or university and many others across the nation. In order to be awarded college credit on an official transcript, a student must complete at least one (1) semester college course through EFCTS. 

Process and Awarding of Credits 
  • apply to and be accepted to the college offering College Credit Plus credits (CCP) through your lab,
  • register for the CCP course in lab with parent permission;
  • earn a grade of a C or higher in the CCP course.

CCP credits are currently available to students in the following programs:
Architecture/Construction Management (Central Ohio Technical College), Bioscience (Southern State Community College), Marketing & Logistics Management (Central Ohio Technical College), and Multimedia (Columbus State Community College). 

Career Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2

Students who successfully complete career-technical programs may be eligible to have technical credits transferred to Ohio's public colleges and universities through the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Process and Awarding of Credits
  •  contact the college/university of choice to make sure the degree program is offered;
  •  apply for the statewide credit transfer guarantee within two years of completing their program;
  •  complete Part I of the Verification of Course/Program Completion form and submit to your lab instructor or your Eastland-Fairfield school counselor;
  •  request that the completed (CT)2 be forwarded to your school of choice.

Please note that the State of Ohio is in the ongoing process of developing new Career-Technical Credit Transfer Courses. Each year more EFCTS labs are eligible for such credits.
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