Cost Of Attendance

Cost Of Attendance

Cost of Attendance

Before applying for financial aid, students and parents should assess all of the costs of attending school. To assist them, the Financial Aid Office establishes a budget for each program that reflects the average estimated costs for the term of enrollment.  Students and parents should use the Cost of Attendance budget to estimate their need, although actual expenses will vary, depending on students' lifestyles, priorities, and obligations.

Schools that offer Pell Grants and Direct Loans also use the Cost of Attendance budget to determine the student's family's need for assistance. The Cost of Attendance may limit total aid that a student may receive from Direct Subsidized and PLUS loans, and the COA is one of the basic components of the calculation that determines Pell Grant eligibility.

The Cost of Attendance budget in the following example was developed for a recent Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical School program. Costs for personal expenses and room and board are determined by adjusting estimates made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Education. Each year these estimates are increased or decreased by the annual rate of inflation. Dependent care costs are derived from studies done for the bi-annual Ohio Job and Family Services Ohio Child Care Market Survey. Transportation costs are estimated using average distances students travel and the latest mileage reimbursement figure published by the IRS.
Sample COA Expenses  Amount
Tuition & Fees




Personal Expense


Dependent Care


Room & Board






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