Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers

Protect and serve.
The Criminal Justice program is looking for honest and mature individuals with good judgment and strong character.
Students study patrol tactics, arrest techniques, search and seizure, and Constitutional law. Physical training, Emergency Telecommunications Certificate, and first aid/CPR are also a part of this program.
Write your own ticket.
Upon graduation, successful completers of this program can enter the military or pursue further education towards a police-training program.

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Wanted: knowledge.
Students in the Criminal Justice program gain basic patrol skills, as well as investigative skills to lead to a variety of career options. Areas of study include:
  • unarmed self-defense training
  • leadership
  • Constitutional law
  • patrol tactics
  • first aid/CPR
  • arrest techniques
  • search & seizure
  • fingerprinting
  • physical fitness training
  • dispatcher certification
  • NIMS + ICS certification

Areas of Study Include:

  • The American Criminal Justice System
  • Investigations and Forensics in Criminal Investigations
  • Police Work and Practice in Public Safety
  • The Correctional System and Services 

Career Pathways

In the aftermath of 9/11, security has become a top priority. Learn how to keep the peace with careers such as:
  • corrections officer
  • federal officer
  • forensics
  • homeland security
  • local police officer
  • military
  • security officer
  • state officer

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