Employability Prep

Employability Prep

Available at Fairfield Career Center and at Off-Site Locations

 Uncover skills you never knew you had. 

Employability Prep is for those students looking for a personalized, transitional program to develop positive work habits and other employability skills.
This program offers students with learning differences (ages 16-21) the opportunity for placement into a variety of community job sites. This supported, on-site training program prepares students for future employment by developing the good decision-making and problem-solving skills necessary to meet each student’s and business partner’s needs.
Students must be recommended to this program by supervisors, teachers, work-study coordinators, or other school personnel. In addition, a completed application and tour of the downtown training program are required to be considered for acceptance. Upon acceptance, your interest areas and skills will be considered for placement in an appropriate work experience.

Let’s work together.
Increase your potential with skills that will prepare you for future employment wherever you go! Skills and benefits from this program include:
  • positive work habits
  • good decision-making skills
  • employability skills
  • real-world job experience
  • intervention and follow-up
  • mentoring
  • self-esteem
  • self-confidence

Career Pathways

Gain meaningful work experience through opportunities available as a part of this program. You will learn valuable skills which can easily be applied to careers in:
  • childcare
  • community services
  • convention services
  • food service
  • maintenance
  • shipping & receiving


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