Interactive Media

Interactive Media

Eastland Career Center

Lights, camera, action.
This exciting program is designed for enthusiastic students who are creative, like to work with technology, and are not afraid to experiment with new ideas.
Students will create video and audio productions, including editing, special effects, animated motion graphics, soundtracks and sound effects. Students will learn to create videos like a pro ... writing scripts, creating storyboards, and operating professional equipment to capture high-quality audio and video.

That’s a wrap.
Most employers are seeking candidates with a two- to four-year degree to work in this field. Get on the fast track with the availability of college credits.

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Behind the scenes.
With an emphasis on sound and video production, learn how to use the most current technology to create various types of media. The Interactive Media program located at Eastland Career Center allows you to express your artistic side while enhancing your computer expertise. Areas of study include:
  • animation
  • audio/video production
  • 3D modeling / environments
  • interactive digital media
  • motion graphics
  • media design
  • social media management
  • special effects
  • vector & bitmap graphics
  • video operation

Areas of Study Include: 

  • Video and Sound
  • Animation 
  • 3-D Techniques
  • Creating and Editing Digitial Graphics 

Career Pathways

Gone are the cut-and-paste days of media design. In its place are opportunities for computer savvy individuals to express their creativity. Examples include: 
  • animator
  • film/video editor
  • graphic designer
  • photographer
  • producer/director
  • project developer
  • sound engineer


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