Pillar 3: Fostering Communication and Relationships

Pillar 3: Fostering Communication and Relationships

A young girl tosses a ring toward pumpkins while playing a game at the annual EFCTS Tech or Treat event.


Develop and maintain strong relationships among association schools, families, and business partners to broaden opportunities for student exploration, learning, development, and growth.

OBJECTIVE 1: Increase exposure to the opportunities at Eastland-Fairfield among associate schools’ K–12 students and adults in our region.

OBJECTIVE 2: Expand business partner engagement beyond advisory boards.

OBJECTIVE 3: Increase family engagement.

OBJECTIVE 4: Maximize relationships and partnerships with associate schools.

OBJECTIVE 5: Increase alumni engagement with EFCTS.

OBJECTIVE 6: Upgrade/improve communication tools and systems

  • Increase the number of available early career and technical opportunities
  • Build parent/guardian and student advisory committees, annually
  • Increase EFCTS presence at community events within our CTPD
  • Expand professional development to associate schools
  • Increase information sessions for parent/guardians, alumni, business partners, and adult programming
  • Maximize business partner opportunities, tools, and resources
  • Restructure existing events to better serve our families and communities
  • Increase awareness and membership of the alumni association 
  • Increase alumni engagement at District events
  • Launch a new website and mobile application
  • Maximize use of communication systems

** note: items may be removed or added to the list of objectives as they are completed or become a need

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