Refund Policy

Refund Policy

If it is necessary to withdraw from a full-time credentialed (600 or more clock hours) program, immediately notify the Eastland-Fairfield Adult Workforce Development Center Office Student Services at 614-836-4541. 

The amount charged for withdrawal from a full-time credentialed program is determined by the number of scheduled days enrolled. After the tenth day that the class was scheduled to meet, students owe 100% of the tuition and fees, plus the cost of books and supplies received from the school. Prior to the eleventh day of scheduled class, the amount owed is shown in the following table.


Scheduled Days Enrolled

1 day - no cost

2 -5 days - books and supplies requested from school 

6 - 10 days - 50% of tuition and fees, plus books and supplies requested from school

11+ days - 100% of tuition and fees, plus books and supplies requested from school 


Refunds for cancellation and withdrawal from institutional courses (less than 600 clock hours) will be processed as shown below: 

  • A full refund will be issued if the school cancels the course.
  • Full refund, minus $20 processing fee - Students must withdraw in writing no later than five working days prior to the first scheduled class date.
  • 50% refund - Students must withdraw in writing prior to the second scheduled class date. 

Refunds of payments received by cash, check or money order will be paid by mailed check, to the payer of said payment. Payments made by Visa or MasterCard will be refunded to the same Visa or MasterCard account. Refunds, when due, are processed without requiring a request from the student within 45 days of cancellation or determination of withdrawal.

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