Student Services

Student Services

Student Services

We provide counseling and barrier intervention for prospective and current students. Services include assisting full-time students with: 

- Employability Skills
- Learning, studying, and test taking 
- Managing and/or overcoming barriers to school and employment success
- Identifying training programs that best suit their ability, skills, and interests

Employability Skills

Instructors help develop the occupational skills necessary for employment. Some students may need one-on-one assistance to better prepare them in pursuing and obtaining employment. The Career Counselor is available to assist students throughout the program as well as post-graduation.  
Learning, Studying, and Test Taking
Successfully completing a program and starting a new career are big milestones in one's life. Three things that can have a huge impact on your ability to succeed are: learning the material and skills, study habits, and the ability to retain information. These areas can be challenging for some students and the instructors and student services staff are here to assist.  
Barrier Intervention 
Hurdles in any area of life can get in the way of your ability to do well in school and at work. It's important to address practical issues like finances, housing, medical and dental care, child care, and transportation to maintain good attendance and concentrate on your studies. The Career Counselor assists students with managing or overcoming barriers that may impede succeeding in school or in the workplace. 

Please connect with the Career Counselor if you have any concerns.

Office Hours

Fairfield Career Center
Monday and Wednesday
10:00am - 4:00pm

Eastland Career Center 
Tuesday and Thursday


Contact Us

Lisa Duckworth, MS, LPCC
Career Counselor
(614) 836-4541 ext. 1534
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