Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

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In May of 2021, Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools (EFCTS) selected Rice Education Consulting (REdCon) to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan after a competitive bid process.

The goals of the plan are to:

  1. provide a strategic “North Star” to ensure continued growth in EFCTS’s areas of strength: large footprint, business partnerships, and flexibility with and responsiveness to community needs; and,

  2. provide strategies and actions to assist the district in improving equity and inclusion, long-term decision-making, adult programming, and branding.

Leadership desires a plan of diverse voices to be developed with input from a variety of stakeholders: district leadership, staff, students, parents, and community partners.

To execute this charge, REdCon, with the alignment of EFCTS, developed a three-phase process that:

  • aligns with the purpose of the plan,

  • enables candid feedback on the strengths and growth opportunities for EFCTS,

  • promotes the sharing of ideas for EFCTS improvement, and

  • prioritizes strategic initiatives for implementation over the next three to five years.

The plan is regularly evaluated and progress is presented to the Board of Education in January and June, each year. Key actions are updated, annually, based on progress and presented to the Board of Education for its approval. This plan will function as a strategic guide that anchors key actions of the district, providing a solid base for the lifespan of this strategic plan, while the district and its various stakeholders continue to adapt to our dynamic world.

Each pillar is accompanied by goals with objectives, strategies, and metrics directly tied to the accomplishment of each goal. Click the buttons below to learn more about the pillars that drive our work, every day.

Update: August 2023

Following the completion of the 2022-23 school year, the EFCTS leadership team audited the District strategic plan to identify completed objectives and make adjustments to goals, objectives and key actions for the District moving into the 2023-24 school year.

The audit revealed that of the 61 total key actions that were set when the strategic plan was revealed, 56 of those key actions were achieved or are in progress, marking a 91.8% completion rate. 

Taking staff, student, and family feedback into consideration, the EFCTS leadership team created new and/or amended goals and objectives prior as part of an update to the strategic plan prior to the 2023-24 school year. A total of 57 new key actions were added to the strategic plan, and one pillar of the strategic plan was amended. These changes are now reflected in the updated strategic plan.

Pillar 1 Enhancing Culture and Climate

Pillar 1: Enhance Culture and Climate

Create and nurture an inclusive culture for our diverse community that fosters the growth of the whole learner.

Pillar 2: Ensuring Programming & Operational Excellence

Pillar 2: Ensuring Programming and Operational Excellence

Strengthen system-wide operations to meet the needs of Eastland-Fairfield’s diverse community of learners and to enable sustainable growth.

Pillar 3: Fostering Communications and Relationships

Pillar 3: Fostering Communication and Relationships

Develop and maintain strong relationships among EFCTS staff, associate schools, families, and business partners to broaden opportunities for student exploration, learning, development, and growth.

Pillar 4: Maximizing Instructional Effectiveness

Pillar 4: Maximizing Instructional Effectiveness

Ensure that each student is challenged and engaged while eliminating barriers to student learning and success.

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