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Jordan Burns, Class of 2015

Jordan Burns, Class of 2015

Jordan Burns remembers what first sparked his interest in architecture and construction. He was barely old enough to spell when his curious young mind mustered the words to ask his mom. “We were driving downtown and looking at buildings and I was like, ‘where do these come from?’ My mom explained as much as she could and I really got into it. I was drawing skyscrapers on my homework.”

Burns’ curiosity led to his passion and now it’s laying the foundation for his career. The 19-year-old graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School and Eastland’s Architecture/Construction Management satellite program at Clark Hall in 2015 and now attends Columbus State Community College. He credits his experience in the program for bridging the gap between his goal and realization.

“If I didn’t do the ACM program, I would be totally lost,” he said. “I’m the youngest one in my classes but I’m level with them because I have the background.” In addition to taking classes, Burns is also working at Wesney Construction in Gahanna. Wesney became an Eastland-Fairfield business partner in 2014 and Burns is their first EFCTS employee, and as account manager Josh Most explained, hopefully not their last. “We are looking forward to hiring other qualified students, either through work-study or after graduation,” he said.

Wesney Construction has been in business for more than 25 years and specializes in designing and building banks and other financial institutions. As for Burns, he works at Wesney 26-30 hours a week, doing three dimensional renderings, attending client meetings and visiting job sites. “From the first week, Jordan completed work that made it right into our clients’ hands,” said Most. “We look forward to enabling his growth and supporting his development.”

Burns said he’s enjoying the experience, as well. “It’s cool to see the blue prints and designs get made. Josh will let me brainstorm ideas with him and then to see the ideas on paper and then getting those ideas built. It’s just really cool.”

Not only is Burns earning an hourly wage and gaining valuable experience, Wesney offered to contribute to his tuition at Columbus State. Burns intends on earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and an Associate’s Degree in Visual Design and is considering getting a degree in Architecture, as well. He hopes to one day own his own design-build firm but says he’s excited about the opportunity at Wesney for the forseeable future. “They’re teaching me a lot.”

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