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EFCTS Teaching Professions Program Features Five Category Winners at Educators Rising National Competition

Over the course of four days, Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School (EFCTS) students from the Teaching Professions satellite program engaged in various competitions at its annual Educators Rising National Conference, held virtually this year. On Sunday, June 27, 2021, Educators Rising announced the results of its events, which featured three first-place finishes, seven top-5 finishes and nine top-10 placements.

A total of five Eastland-Fairfield students won their respective events in three different categories. National championship performances included (homeschool in parenthesis):

Children's Literature, Pre-K

Cami Weldon ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln) and Anneke (pronounced: “aw-neh-kah”) Keesing ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)

The Children's Literature (Pre-K) competition asked participants to write, illustrate and present an original work on any topic within a set of guidelines. Teams and individuals were scored based on content, writing and illustration quality, depth of presentation, and in various areas of their delivery skills. This category offered the largest pool of competitors that featured up to the top five submissions from competing states. 

In their book, “To Be a True Hero”, Weldon and Keesing recognize comic book superheroes known in popular culture but respond with qualities that make everyday people truly heroic, such as bravery, honesty and integrity. After placing first in the state but not being able to compete at the national competition in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, winning top honors at this year’s Nationals held special favor with each team member.

 (photo credit: Robyn Hilderbrand) Pictured: Anneke Keesing '21 (photo credit: Robyn Hilderbrand) 


Educators Rising Moment

Cooper Solomon ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)

The Educators Rising Moment category required each participant to write and deliver a 3-4 minute speech that shared a personal moment that inspired the individual to become a teacher. Contestants were judged on presence, speaking ability and storytelling elements. This year marks the first time Eastland-Fairfield had won in this category under instructor Robyn Hilderbrand. 

Cooper Solomon delivered his heartful speech on a moment he wanted to become a teacher. (photo credit: Robyn Hilderbrand) Cooper Solomon '21 (photo credit: Robyn Hilderbrand) 


Interactive Bulletin Board

Ava Smith ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln) and Caitlyn Monaghan ‘21 (Gahanna-Lincoln)

New to the national competition this year, the Interactive Bulletin Board category required participants to create a teaching tool that can be used to engage students in the classroom. The task was to create a smaller version of an interactive board that could be used by students to teach in their subject of choice. Smith and Monaghan chose to create an interactive board focusing on math and graph usage, and made a game out of the activity. The duo not only earned the highest score but was the only team in the country to score high enough to achieve “blue ribbon” status.

Ava Smith '21, left and Caitlyn Monaghan '21, right (photo credit: Robyn Hilderbrand) 


A full list of top-5 and top-10 finishers can be found below:

Children’s Literature: Thalia Johnson (Gahanna-Lincoln), 3rd place

Impromptu Lesson: Hannah Costello (Hamilton Township), 4th place

Lesson Planning, STEM: Chloe Dickson (Gahanna-Lincoln), 4th place

Lesson Planning, Humanities: Morgan Gunther (New Albany), 5th place

Public Speaking: Mary Kate Gebhart (Gahanna-Lincoln), 6th place

Researching Learning Challenges: Emily Stanisovska (Gahanna-Lincoln), Nasir Cousin (Gahanna-Lincoln), Randie Menningen (Pickerington Central), 9th place

Exploring Administrative Careers: Emily Hamric (Gahanna-Lincoln), 10th place

Eastland-Fairfield had 22 Teaching Professions students compete (juniors and seniors) at the Educators Rising Conference, this year. The Teaching Professions program is an EFCTS satellite program housed in Clark Hall at Gahanna-Lincoln High School in Gahanna, Ohio, and is led by instructor Robyn Hilderbrand

Said Hilderbrand of her students’ performances, “I am extremely proud of these students.  In such a challenging year for education, these students overcame many obstacles and worked very hard to accomplish their goals.” 

Eastland-Fairfield demonstrated great success at various state and national competitions among all of its career and technical student organizations in 2020-21. For a full list of reported competitions and award winners, click here or visit www.eastlandfairfield.com/2021awards.aspx.

For more information regarding the Teaching Professions program at Eastland-Fairfield, visit www.EastlandFairfield.com/TeachingProfessions.aspx or click here.

Educators Rising is a national career and technical student organization that is cultivating a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path from high school through college and into their teaching careers. By working with aspiring educators who reflect the demographics of their communities and who are passionate about serving those communities through public education, Educators Rising is changing the face of teaching. Educators Rising has over 45,000 national members, 31 state affiliates and a presence in all 50 states. For more information regarding Educators rising, go to 


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