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Sebastian Handon Awarded Bexley High School’s Rhodena Masys Memorial Scholarship

Sebastian Handon and coworker, Libby, break for a photo before it gets busy at Chik-fil-A Easton.Sebastian Handon and coworker, Libby, break for a photo before it gets busy at Chik-fil-A Easton.

EFCTS | June 8, 2022

The Class of 2022 has had much to celebrate following the conclusion of the school year. Just after commemorating his completion of the Employability Prep program at Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools, recent graduate Sebastian Handon had his work and contributions to the community recognized by being selected as the recipient of Bexley High School’s Rhodena Masys Memorial Scholarship.

Sebastian, a two-year participant in the Employability Prep (EP) program at Eastland-Fairfield, has built a reputation as being one of its most dependable and diligent students. Sebastian entered the program with the dream of getting hands-on experience and building his skill set through employment at a local bakeshop, however, the impact of the pandemic rerouted his first-year placement to the Hilton Columbus at Easton hotel. There, Sebastian was an integral member of a small team that helped keep operations at the facility going in the housekeeping, laundry, and groundskeeping departments at a time staffing was very short.

This past year, Sebastian entered the food and service industry by accepting a placement at Chick-Fil-A Easton on Morse Road, where his experience not only helped further develop his employability skills and was also paid for that work.

Having completed the Employability Prep program, Sebastian is now ready to take his first post-secondary steps. After having such a productive experience and leaving such a positive impression on the staff, Sebastian has applied for full-time employment at the Hilton-Easton where he hopes to rejoin the team from his first year in the EP program. With his passion and persistence, he may be well on his way to getting into a kitchen, after all.

Not only was Sebastian a positive influence at his places of work, but he has also left his mark on the Bexley community. For two years, he faithfully served as the Bexley Lion athletic mascot at BHS sporting events and other school activities. Sebastian’s jovial spirit combined with his work ethic and passion to learn and try new things has led him to become very well-liked in the Bexley, Greater Columbus, and Eastland-Fairfield communities. 

“Upon hearing the news that Sebastian was awarded this scholarship, my heart was full,” said EP instructor Ms. Cathe McKee. “Sebastian is an amazing young man who is dedicated, personable, loyal, and will gladly step in to help his teammates when they are ‘in the weeds’. Sebastian was a mentor both at Hilton Easton and Chick-fil-A during his two years with the Employability Prep program. I cannot wait to see where Sebastian's path takes him.”

Rhodena Masys taught home economics at Bexley High School for 33 years from 1975 to 2008, teaching units on creative cuisine, family finance and child care. She was deeply dedicated to all of her students and believed in their abilities. When she passed away in 2016, many of her former students wrote notes describing how she had touched their lives forever. The scholarship was established in her memory by her husband, Bob, and provides a $1,000 scholarship for students toward their career endeavors.

Sebastian Handon proudly wears his Hilton mask posing for a photo while on break.Sebastian Handon proudly wears his Hilton mask posing for a photo while on break.

 Employability Prep at Eastland-Fairfield is an off-site career technical program designed to provide students a personalized opportunity to begin building employability work skills and transition into the workforce upon graduation. The program is offered to students with learning differences ages 16-21 and provides opportunities at a variety of community job sites and within a variety of industries. 

Bexley City Schools is one of 16 school districts that comprise the Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools learning district. 

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