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Ten Students Will Represent ECC and FCC at SkillsUSA Nationals

Ninety-eight students from Eastland and Fairfield career centers represented Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools at the SkillsUSA state competitions on May 3-4, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Ten students emerged from their respective competitions as state champions and qualified to compete at the organization’s national conference in late June.

Of the 10 students that claimed state titles, five were juniors and five were from this year’s senior class.

Eight students representing four different programs at Eastland Career Center earned state championships including Graphic Design junior Gabrielle Backer from Pickerington North High School, Pre-Engineering junior James Colachis from New Albany High School, Graphic Design senior Kelsey Ervin from Canal Winchester High School, Criminal Justice senior Laura Stephenson from Reynoldsburg High School, and Welding junior Rowan Toole from Reynoldsburg High School. The Graphic Design program also had a three-person team in the promotional bulletin board category take top honors comprised of juniors Leon Wright (Teays Valley) and Dominic Gerardi (Pickerington Central), and senior Nina Tabin (Canal Winchester). 

Two Fairfield Career Center seniors also garnered state titles in their respective events. Maeve Pawlowski, a Dental Assisting senior from Pickerington Central, finished first overall in the Dental competition. Eduardo Ramirez, a senior from Reynoldsburg - Encore Academy, represented the Pharmacy program and took top honors in the Medical Math competition.

A total of 98 students between Eastland Career Center and Fairfield Career Center qualified for SkillsUSA Ohio state competition in their respective events, representing all 16 of EFCTS’s associate schools and 21 different labs.

Each career center is represented at SkillsUSA as its own chapter, as is each Eastland-Fairfield satellite program. The Fairfield Career Center SkillsUSA chapter was also recognized as a Chapter of Distinction Silver Award based on achieving essential standards of excellence and developing skills outlined in the SkillsUSA framework.

SkillsUSA state results from ECC and FCC are listed below.

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SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. We help each student excel. A nonprofit national education association, SkillsUSA serves middle-school, high-school and college/postsecondary students preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. They improve the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of SkillsUSA Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics. SkillsUSA serves more than 333,527 students and instructors annually. This includes 19,019 instructors who join as professional members. Including alumni, SkillsUSA membership totals over 394,000. SkillsUSA has served nearly 14 million annual members cumulatively since 1965 and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor as a successful model of employer-driven workforce development.

2022 SkillsUSA State Results  (name, class, home school, event, program - placement)

$  denotes that the student has qualified for national competition

Eastland Career Center

Laura Stephenson (Sr., Reynoldsburg eSTEM) - Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice - 1st  $

James Colachis (Jr., New Albany) - Related Technical Math, Pre-Engineering - 1st  $

Rowan Toole (Jr., Reynoldsburg, eSTEM) - Sheet Metal, Welding - 1st  $

Leon Wright (Jr., Teays Valley) - Promo Bulletin Board, Graphic Design - 1st  $

Nina Tabin (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Promo Bulletin Board, Graphic Design - 1st  $

Dominic Gerardi (Jr., Pickerington Central) - Promo Bulletin Board, Graphic Design - 1st  $

Gabby Backer (Jr., Pickerington North) - Pin Design, Graphic Design - 1st  $

Kelsey Ervin (Sr., Canal Winchester) - T-Shirt Design, Graphic Design - 1st  $

Hunter Young (Jr., Teays Valley) - Customer Service, Pre-Engineering - 2nd

Evan Gallion (Sr., Pickerington Central) - Automotive Services Technology, Automotive - 2nd

Jordan Mann (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Automotive Services Technology, Automotive - 3rd

Reagan Whitesel (Jr., Groveport Madison) - Job Interview, Criminal Justice - 3rd

Brynn Whistle (Jr., Whitehall Yearling) - Opening and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

Jasmine Robinson (Jr., Teays Valley) - Opening and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

David Bailey (Jr., Reynoldsburg eSTEM) - Opening and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

Elijah Meadows  (Jr., Whitehall Yearling) - Opening and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

Caden Ganey (Jr., Reynoldsburg BELL) - Opening and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

Amanda Gomez (Jr., Whitehall Yearling) - Open and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

Jayla Breuer (Jr., Reynoldsburg Encore) - Opening and Closing Ceremony, Criminal Justice - 4th

Zakari Alford (Sr., Amanda-Clearcreek) - Welding Fabrication, Welding - 4th

Travis Justice (Sr., Fairfield Union) - Welding Fabrication, Welding - 4th

Gabriel    Sanfillipo (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Welding Fabrication, Welding Fabrication - 4th

Logan Fahrer (Jr., Amanda-Clearcreek) - Welding Fabrication, Welding - 4th

Ghent Tinnermann (Jr., Liberty Union) - Welding Fabrication, Welding - 4th

Nathan  Videkovich (Jr., Teays Valley) - Welding Fabrication, Welding - 4th

Chloe Jackson (Sr., Pickerington Central) - Dental Assisting, Dental Assisting - 4th

Alex Kowalewski (Sr., Reynoldsburg eSTEM) - Web Design, Graphic Design - 5th

Grant McCathran (Sr., Reynoldsburg eSTEM) - Web Design, Graphic Design - 5th

Jacob Moran (Sr., Millersport) - CNC Technician, Pre-Engineering - 5th

Kalista Milne (Sr., Groveport Madison) - Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Justice - 5th

E'Mani Slauter (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Criminal Justice, Crime Scene Investigation - 5th

Devan Vanlangen (Sr., Hamilton Twp.) - Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Justice - 5th

Charles  Neville (Jr., Canal Winchester) - Electrical Construction Wiring, Electrical - 5th

Top 10

Lucas Fazekas    (Jr., Reynoldsburg Encore) - MLR, Automotive 

Seth Beaty (Jr., Amanda-Clearcreek) - Quiz Bowl, Criminal Justice 

Hannah Sandlin (Jr., Hamilton Twp.) - Quiz Bowl, Criminal Justice 

Marta Silva Hernandez (Jr., Whitehall Yearling) - Quiz Bowl, Criminal Justice 

Clayton Hines (Jr., New Albany) - Quiz Bowl, Criminal Justice 

Jordan McDonald (Jr., Pickerington North) - Quiz Bowl, Criminal Justice     

Sean Garrettson (Jr., Fairfield Union) - MLR, Automotive     

Julia Scott (Jr., Reynoldsburg HS2) - Job Skill Demo Open, Criminal Justice 

Charday Ballour (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Electrical Construction Wiring, Electrical 

Anne-Marie McGraw (Jr., New Albany) - Job Skill Demo A, Dental Assisting 

Eyosias Goitom (Sr., Pickerington Central) - CNC Milling, Pre-Engineering 

Isoni Taylor (Sr., Pickerington Central) - CNC Turning, Pre-Engineering 

Brooke    Peterman (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Advertisement Design, Graphic Design 

William Hannan (Sr., Pickerington Central) - Welding, Welding 

Top 20

Gerald Burke-Fisher (Jr., Reynoldsburg Encore) - Auto Refinishing Technology, Automotive 

Payton Ausbrooks (Sr., New Albany) - Medical Terminology, STNA 

Dulce Alvaro Hernandez (Jr., Whitehall Yearling) - Cosmetology, Cosmetology 

Jacob Enyart (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Technical Drafting, Pre-Engineering 

Fairfield Career Center

Maeve Pawlowski (Sr., Pickerington Central) - Dental, Dental Assisting - 1st  $

Eduardo Ramirez (Sr., Reynoldsburg, eSTEM) - Medical Math, Pharmacy - 1st  $

Armani Davenport (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Internetworking, Cyber Security - 5th

Top 10

Yuritzy Mondragon Garcia (Jr., Reynoldsburg, Health) - Customer Service, Pre-Nursing 

Geovanny Ramirez Martinez (Sr., Whitehall Yearling) - Cyber Security, Cyber Security 

Brooklynn Blower (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Cyber Security, Cyber Security 

Ethan Clark (Sr., Teays Valley) - IT Services, Cyber Security 

Casey Nyahay (Jr., Bloom-Carroll) - Job Demo Open, Exercise Science 

Wyatt Huston (Jr., Bloom-Carroll) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Kole Mustard (Jr., Canal Winchester) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Collin Willet (Jr., Bloom-Carroll) TeamWorks, Construction 

Brock Robison (Jr., Pickerington North) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Tatum Albert (Sr., Reynoldsburg, Encore) - Cosmetology, Cosmetology 

Jeremy Cox  (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - HVAC, HVAC 

Schubomi Olubajo (Jr., Pickerington North) - Job Demo A, Dental Assisting 

Massar Yade (Jr., Groveport Madison) - Medical Terminology, Pharmacy 

Malachai Holewinski (Jr., Reynoldsburg, Health) - Job Interview, Pre-Nursing 

Taryn Lieb (Sr., Pickerington Central) - Quiz Bowl, Pharmacy 

Ella Cleavenger (Sr., Teays Valley) - Quiz Bowl, Pharmacy 

Stella Smith (Sr., Teays Valley) - Quiz Bowl, Pharmacy 

Katarina Workman (Sr., Bloom-Carroll) - Quiz Bowl, Pharmacy 

Gracie Igel (Sr., Bloom-Carroll) - Quiz Bowl, Pharmacy 

Top 20

Alexi Luzader  (Jr., Groveport Madison) - Nurse Assisting, Pre-Nursing 

Savannah Quijada (Sr., Teays Valley) - First Aid, Pre-Nursing 

Lileah Haudenschilt (Sr., Canal Winchester) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Caden Hollett (Sr., Berne Union) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Luke Roberts (Jr., Bloom-Carroll) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Tyler Rapp (Jr., Bloom-Carroll) - TeamWorks, Construction 

Jenna Saythongphet (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Nail care, Cosmetology 

Cydni Latham (Sr., Groveport Madison) - Nail care, Cosmetology 

Binte Balde (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Health Knowledge Bowl, Pre-Nursing 

Sophia Francisco  (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Health Knowledge Bowl, Pre-Nursing 

Emilie Williams  (Sr., Pickerington North) - Health Knowledge Bowl, Pre-Nursing 

Ashton Hilling (Sr., Canal Winchester) - Health Knowledge Bowl, Pre-Nursing 

Yotam Fishatsion (Sr., Reynoldsburg, eSTEM) - Related Technical Math, HVAC 

Tayvan Ryan (Jr., Amanda-Clearcreek) - Maintenance Light Repair, Automotive 

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