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Forty-One Satellite Students Inducted into National Technical Honors Society

On Wednesday, March 15, 2022, 41 Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools students were honored as the newest members of the National Technical Honors Society (NTHS) satellite program chapter. 

The ceremony to honor the newly inducted NTHS members was held inside Clark Hall at Lincoln High School in Gahanna. Students from six different programs and six different high schools were recognized for their combination of scholastic achievement and character. A complete list of inductees is available below.

To be considered for NTHS in the satellite program chapter, a student must earn a 3.5 or higher grade point average, receive three letters of recommendation outside of their program lab instructor, and demonstrate the seven attributes of an NTHS member: skill, scholarship, honesty, responsibility, service, leadership, and citizenship.

NTHS serves over 80,000 student members annually. In 2021, NTHS awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to career and technical education students. NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. 

2022 NTHS Satellite Chapter Inductees (name, home school, program)

Nadia Ndematebem (Gahanna Lincoln), Architecture/ Construction Management

Sofia Rivera (Gahanna Lincoln), Architecture/ Construction Management

Morgan Albert (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Grace Bell (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Aidan Boiarski (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Eliza Brofford (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Stella Brofford (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Zoey Callander (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Sophie Clous (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Daniela Falzone (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Chloe Fulmer (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Simona Hagos (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

GraceAnn Jennings (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Anthony Lin (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Elizabeth Long (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Francesca Nuss (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Aiden Walz (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Jaeda Whittaker (Gahanna Lincoln), Bioscience

Teja Akella (New Albany), Cyber Security

Corey Bank (New Albany), Cyber Security

Zoe McClure (Gahanna Lincoln), Cyber Security

Liam Otten (New Albany), Cyber Security

Rohan Ranjan (New Albany), Cyber Security

Andrew Schockman (New Albany), Cyber Security

James Thompson (New Albany), Cyber Security

Selin Boztepe (Groveport Madison), Marketing & Logistics Management

Kevin Inguil (Whitehall Yearling), Marketing & Logistics Management

Braylan James (Groveport Madison), Marketing & Logistics Management

Nicholas Frownfelter (Pickerington North), Multimedia

Clara Gaadt (Pickerington North), Multimedia

Makenzie Gossel-Smith (Walnut Twp.), Multimedia

Amy Harrison (Walnut Twp.), Multimedia

Emma Nowlin (Pickerington North), Multimedia

Marcus Schwartz (Pickerington North), Multimedia

Marissa Andrews, (Gahanna Lincoln) Teaching Professions

Sydney Errington, (Gahanna Lincoln) Teaching Professions

Cora Holmes, (Gahanna Lincoln) Teaching Professions

Sophia Samuel, (New Albany) Teaching Professions

Allison Slates, (Gahanna Lincoln) Teaching Professions

Shelby Tocash, (Gahanna Lincoln) Teaching Professions

Audrey Worthington, (Gahanna Lincoln) Teaching Professions

Students from the Architecture/Construction Management satellite program at Gahanna Lincoln High School pose at the NTHS ceremonies.Students from the Architecture/Construction Management satellite program at Gahanna Lincoln High School pose at the NTHS ceremonies.


Bioscience satellite program students are honored at the NTHS ceremonies.


Students from the Cyber Security program at New Albany HS are recognized at the NTHS ceremonies.


The Marketing & Logistics Management program at Groveport Madison HS represents at this year's NTHS ceremony.



Students from the Teaching Professions program at Gahanna Lincoln High School celebrate their induction into the satellite chapter of NTHS.