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Twelve BioScience Students Advance to Nationals, 3 Crowned State Champions!

Morgan Albert (L) and Adolphus Addison (R) pose with a HOSA Healthy Lifestyle event banner after learning that they placed first and fourth, respectively, at the HOSA state conference.For two days in March, students from the Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools Bioscience satellite program competed at its HOSA-Future Health Professionals state conference held at the Columbus Convention Center. All students proudly represented their lab and EFCTS while three earned state titles and 12 will advance to the HOSA international competition to be held in late June.

The Eastland-Fairfield Bioscience satellite program prepared 27 students to compete at this year’s HOSA state conference, which was held on March 24-25 at the nearby Columbus Convention Center. After two days of presentations and competitions, three students took top honors and a total of 12 will go on to compete at the international leadership conference in Nashville, Tenn. between June 22-25.

Juniors Stella Brofford (Gahanna Lincoln) and Morgan Albert (Gahanna Lincoln) both made big impressions in their first HOSA competitions, each taking first in their respective events. Brofford placed first in the clinical specialty category while Albert stood atop the rest in the healthy lifestyle category. Senior Reagan Reetz (Gahanna Lincoln) placed first in the medical art category, a state-level competition.

Reagan Reetz proudly displays the Bioscience HOSA chapter's Gold Emblem Award and certificate. (photo credit: Kelly Lewis)Two teams of students took second place in different events. The junior foursome of Grace Wolfe, Zoey Callander, Simona Hagos, and Francesca Nuss took silver in the public health category, while seniors M’Kaia Trent and Harshithma Vathyam took second in their project for the health career display category. All members from both teams hail from Gahanna Lincoln High School. Vathyam (gold level) and trent (silver level) will also be awarded the Barbara James Service Award, recognizing those individuals with more than 100 or more service hours in the health field.

Senior Landon Keenan (Gahanna Lincoln, Extemporaneous Writing) and junior Elizabeth Long (Gahanna Lincoln, Clinical Specialty) took second place in their respective events on an individual front. Also earning special individual recognition was Gahanna Lincoln senior Jordan Mason for recording more than 1,000 hours working in a health-related industry over the last two years.

With third-place finishes in their respective categories, Anthony Lin (Gahanna Lincoln) and Eliza Brofford (Gahanna Lincoln) will also join the count of 12 students heading to the HOSA International Leadership Conference.

M'Kaia Trent (L) and Harshithma Vathyam (R) place second in their event and will be honored with the Barbara James Service Award at the International HOSA Leadership Conference. (photo credit: Kelly Lewis)The EFCTS/Gahanna satellite HOSA chapter also earned the Gold Emblem School Award, a state-only recognition to reward a HOSA chapter that meets the high standards established in the organization’s guidelines for activities that align with the goals and purpose of HOSA, and benefit HOSA members, the school, and the community. 

A list of HOSA state placements and international qualifiers is listed below.

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services and several federal and state agencies. HOSA’s mission is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience.

Bioscience is one of three Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools satellite programs located inside Clark Hall at Gahanna High School. More information on the Bioscience program can be found online at For more information about Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools and its high school and adult programs, please visit

2022 HOSA State Competition Results   (name, class, home school, event)

1st place: Stella Brofford (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Clinical Specialty $

1st place: Morgan Albert (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Healthy Lifestyle $

1st place: Reagan Reetz (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Medical Art  (state-only competition)

2nd place: Grace Wolfe (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln), Zoey Callander (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln), Simona Hagos (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln), Francesca Nuss (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Public Health $

2nd place: M’Kaia Trent (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) and Harshitha Vathyam (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Health Career Display $

2nd place: Landon Keenan (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Extemporaneous Writing $

2nd place: Elizabeth Long (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Clinical Specialty $

3rd place: Anthony Lin (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Biomedical Laboratory Science $

3rd place: Eliza Brofford (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Clinical Specialty $

4th place: Grace Bell (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Family Medicine Physician

4th place: Adolphus Addison (Jr., Gahanna Lincoln) - Healthy Lifestyle

Barbara James Service Award *bronze level (100-174.9 hours), silver (175-249.9 hours), gold (250+ hours)

Haritha Vathyam (Gold, 270 hours)

M’Kaia Trent (Silver, 210 hours)

Special Recognition

Jordan Mason (Sr., Gahanna Lincoln) - 1,000+ work hours over 2 years

$ indicates the person/group has qualified for the international conference (June 22-25) in Nashville, TN

Eastland-Fairfield Bioscience students hit pause on celebrating to take a group photo at the 2022 HOSA state conference in downtown Columbus. (photo credit: Kelly Lewis)